Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lovely Love

I LOVE Valentines Day so much!! (no pun intended :) Always have and always will! But this Valentines was one of the best ever. Dall surprised me with a weekend away in St. George so we could go to the Home Show and relax. (I have wanted to go to the home show there the past couple of years) We had such a blast going to a lot of the homes, relaxing by the pool, and eating out at fun restaurants. On Valentines Day I woke up and Dall had laid out all my presents...clothes, money for shopping and such. What a sweetheart!! We spent all day just playing and then went to dinner at an awesome Thai place and of course saw a chick flick. It was so fun to spend the whole day just us! I love my sweetheart!

My favorite pool from the home show

Leadership Conference

At the end of January I went to Leadership Conference in Pheonix Arizona. It's every year, but this was my first time going as a Sales Director. I had such a blast with 3 of my director friends and it was so nice and warm there! I love my job, and the fact that the trainings I go to are basically like parties! There is awesome food, entertainment and of course presents. They spoil us and it's awesome!