Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have been forgetting my camera wherever we go, so I had to steal some pics from Crystal's blog to put on ours. We have been having so much fun with Crystal and Tim on the weekends, and will have to keep hanging out even though football is about over. So, here a few pics from a couple weekends ago when we had dinner at the Arbon's and then went bowling! Woot Woot!

Crystal made us pot roast and it was amazing!

Us Bowling!

Crystal and Tim

Crystals Balls!

Ogden beating Ben Lomond and everyone rushing the field after!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tag! Quirks!

I was tagged by Rylee.
Rules: link the person that tagged you, mention these rules on your blog, tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yourself, and tag 6 fellow bloggers! Got it, lets go!
So seeing how I've already done this one I am changing it up, I am going to do quirks that Dallan has.
So here are the NEW RULES

Rules: link the person that tagged you, mention these rules on your blog, tell 6 quirks of your siginficant other, and tag 6 fellow bloggers! Got it, lets go!

1. He is obsessed with football. He is either watching football, coaching football, refereeing football or playing football. If he is not doing any of those things, he is managing the rockets football team.
2. He loves the history channel and the discovery channel.
3. He loves weird animals and wants to have a house with an enclosed patio in the middle with jungle animals. (No I'm not joking)
4. He loves to travel and will explode if we don't take a vacation every 3 months. :)
5. He would move us to Brazil in a heartbeat.
6. He likes to cook and is very good at it.
I am tagging, Kristen, Sarahn, Jenni, Mandi, Nicci, Crystal

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy Day!

For the past couple of weeks, I have just been spending too much time having fun and have forgotten to post what's been going on! Some really awesome/fun things have been happening so I will have to catch you up. First of all I FINISHED EARNING MY FIRST FREE MARY KAY CAR! Yes that is right. I will be driving a brand new car, that I do not pay the car payment, tax, title or license or insurance for. Wow it's going to be fabulous. I officially finished on Sept. 24th and the company has now ordered my car to be made for me. I will pick it up in December! Yeah! I'm pretty sure I work for the best company in the world. :)

Oh, P.S. I know you are all wondering what car I got......I took the Pontiac G6 (charcoal), but the Cadillac is almost half way done and will be done in November. That means come February I will be rockin that sexy Cadillac CTS and you know you will want a ride! :)

My mom brought me flowers and a cake for finishing my car!

Other fun thing. Dallan is one of the football coaches at Ogden high school and so is Crystal's husband Tim. So therefore, Crystal and I have been having girls' nights out every friday if its an away game, or going to the game if it's home. Last week we went to the game and then out to dinner with our husbands, got icecream and watched a movie at Crystal and Tims. I love hanging out with Crystal every weekend! :)

Ok, Last but not least, my birthday was Monday and I totally got spoiled. I swear we started celebrating last Saturday, and I still don't feel like the celebration has stopped. Everyone is too good to me. Dall's partents took us to the Cheesecake factory for my b-day dinner on Saturday, and it was so much fun. I love them like they are my real parents. Sunday was the party at my family's, which was such a blast. I love them so much! Monday, I went to lunch with Dall and then he sent me on a shopping spree! (Thanks sweetie!) That night we went to the movie Eagle Eye (it's good) with my family. It was such an amazing birthday! Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes and the presents! I feel so lucky!

Me and my Dad with our cake(our birthdays are 4 days apart)

My little Jaren Bug wearing my shades.

I adore my new sewing machine! Thanks mom and dad!

Me and Dall lounging after cake and icecream

Me and my pops. (The birthday kids)

Jaren thought it would be pretty cool to switch sunglasses and he was right. He also thought it was pretty hilarious that I was wearing his spiderman hat too. :)