Thursday, June 26, 2008


I just have give a shout out to my husband Dallan. He is the best friend, and spouse that I could ever ask for. He does soo much for me and works so hard for us and for what we want out of life. I love that he thinks so BIG! He doesn't SETTLE like most people. He never thinks small and doubts what we can do. He is so wonderful to me and I love him like crazy! Love you babe!
On July 14th we are leaving for Dallas Texas to go to the annual Mary Kay seminar. It is a week long hoorah full of trainings, awards, awesome food, and FUN! Dall as going with me this year, and I'm so grateful because not everyone's husbands always come. He's so amazing to support me and believe in me no matter what I'm doing. I can't wait for our week in Dallas, especially because we get to spend it with our favorite friends Lance and Arianne. Totally stoked, and once again, so happy that Dallan is my husband!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Pics

We're back!

Can I just say that I love Mexico? The sun, the beach, the gas prices....$2.50 a gallon. Everything was fabulous, and so much fun! It's kind of sad to be back home really. I'm missing the friends that we went with...they were hilarious! I really want to get a house there and stay from Jan-April. Who's with me? I think that would be the best. Anyway....the boys' mustaches were hot, and the speedos were even hotter. Here are some pics to sum up the trip.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Good bye Utah

There is nothing to do at work today except for update my blog. I love getting paid to play on the internet. So, I died my hair all brown. I haven't done that in like 5 years. But I was tired of being a fake....

We leave for Mexico tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. We are going down with 4 other couples to have some fun in the sun. Puerto Penasco is our vacation spot...same one we went to last year with our friends, but had 13 people instead of 10. 3 lamo's dropped out this year because of a ridiculous excuses like having to work and such. We are staying in the same house as last year, and are prepared to have just as much fun. We are right on the beach, and just a few minutes from town. I have a feeling that this year might me a little more memorable considering all the guys are calling the trip "Mustache Mexico" and are all trying their best to grow a mean moostache. I think that Speedos will also be involved. What a killer combination. Who wouldn't want to partake of the mustache/speedo goodness.

One last thing.... if you haven't seen KungFu Panda.... get yourself dolled up and get to a freakin movie theater. It is HILARIOUS! Jack Black...need I say more. I seriously loved everything about that movie....and it convinces me more and more that cartoon/disney movies are totally for adults, but with a story that kids can follow. Go see it this weekend....I'm serious!

Goats = Trouble

Ok, to all of you out there that are saying why in the H did you get goats Heather, all I have to say is...Dallan is the brains behind such a ridiculous idea. Seriously, they are cute. I will give them that. They are pigme goats, so they're small and seemingly harmless...but they are capable of sooo many things. First of all, they can jump like a nobody's business. They like to head butt the downstairs windows, hoping to get in the basement. Somehow they always find a way to get on our deck and poop everywhere. Hmmm what more can I tell you about the little darlings. They were way scared of us at first, but now they are not quite scared enough of us. I will have to put some pics up of them...Pearl is white, and Fiona is black. Usually, they wake us up in the morning because they are baaahhhing outside our we decided it would be best to get rid of them before we leave for Mexico on Saturday. We didn't want the neighbors to hate us while we were gone, so we started making plans to sell them. I think they are smarter than we think because literally, that exact day, they started to be the best goats known to man. They haven't made a peep since. They are perfect angels. Wow. They know that Dallan is too much of a softie to give away perfectly behaved goats. So...we continue to have Robinson Farm happening in our backyard.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A few weekends ago, we went to Moab with a bunch of friends to go biking. We thought we were way tougher than we actually are, and ended up going on an 18 mile ride that was SO hard. We all had so many bruises and scrapes, but it was pretty fun. Now I'm feeling like I am kind of invincible, so I think I will run a half marathon next, and work up to a marathon. Who knows...but I feel like if I lived through that, I can do anything! ;) It was quite the adventure!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower for Jess at my house on Saturday and it was so much fun! Jess is so cute with her basketball belly! She is having a little girl and maybe naming her Lyla! How cute! It was so fun to have everyone under one roof again. ;) Crystal, Erin, Kate, Chelsea and Megan all came. I had a blast! Erin especially rocked with her poopy diaper game....Kate is trying to figure out which candy bar is in her diaper in one of the pictures(in case you were wondering). The only conclusion I've come to is that more of us need to have babies so we can see each other more often! ;)