Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! Muahahaha :)

This year is Gia's first Halloween, and it's been great! We have done all sorts of fun things in October to celebrate, and I'm kind of sad it's over. :( It's been a busy month going to Vegas, Denver, and throwing our annual Halloween bash. This year Dallan was Jacob, and he has forbidden me to post pictures, but just know it was hilarious. We sprayed his hair black, drew a tattoo on his arm with a sharpie, he wore butt tight cutoffs, and no shirt. It was pretty awesome!

I'm getting excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas so bring on the Holidays!
Here are some pictures of a few things we've done the past couple of months. More to come soon when I get Gia's Halloween pics back!

Such a cute little butterfly

Our porch looking festive

Me and Julianne of my mentors. She is a Mary Kay National Sales Director here in Utah. She seriously rocks.

Some of the girls at the Denver retreat

In Vegas at the Suzuki show

Giana: pro horse rider :)

Family Pictures by Stacy Richards.
The first few are in my parents orchard & back yard. :)


This year's trip to Puerto Penasco, Mexico in September was WAY different than the last 2 times we have been there. We didn't have as many friends with us, but we did stay in an awesome resort (normally we rent a beach house.) Let me just say more beach houses in the future. The resort was amazing and we seriously had such a blast doing all the resort activities, playing at the pool all day, getting massages at the spa, and singing karaoke. Just thinking about the trip makes me giggle.... it was that fun. :) Everyone needs a trip to Mexico at least once a year, so get yourself to Puerto's about the cheapest vacation you'll ever take. :)I love these 2

Our awesome henna tattoos

All of us but Stacy....

Me and my love

Brad and Bobbi

You're looking at the Black Jack champion of the resort!

It takes talent to ride your bike while holding a giant tv
We loved hanging out by the pool everyday

The Dixie Chicks made a surprise appearance that night at the karaoke bar! :)

This is how Mexico makes us feel!

Me and Bobbi testing out the jumping pics

Guacamole = Happiness
Dear Mayan Palace Resort.....I love you!
Out for my birthday dinner....another classic Gia face!
Dall is so sweet....
Look at Gia's face! haha
Me and Stace out for my birthday lunch