Sunday, August 22, 2010

EEeee Gads......Here I am!

Nothing like taking a 9 month break from blogging eh?! I'm not going to try to make excuses.....I'm just a little terrible at keeping up with it sometimes. But here we go again!
The past 9 months have been incredible to say the least. Giana is our little sunshine, and I love watching her grow and get more and more personality. She is the happiest little girl and our family of 3 has been having tons of fun this summer. I don't think I will try to catch up totally on the past 9 months but I will put some of my favorite photos.
I think my favorite thing we have done since November has been our vacation to Costa Rica in May. That was the funnest vacation of my life!!! We went with some great friends (no kids) for 10 days and had a crazy adventure!Now that summer is winding down, we are getting excited for our anniversary this month, a trip to Mexico and my birthday in September. My unit and I are earning our first Pink Cadillac, and Dallan is loving being a newly Independent Insurance Agent. (He doesn't work for Farm Bureau anymore) Here are some pics from the past 9 months of me being MIA in the blog world.

Happy it's Summer

Gia is 9 months old!

Coveting Arianne's ring at Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas TX

Bling bling!

Company awards night.....formal and fantastic!

The directors....we love each other

Dang I can't wait to pick this baby up!

Our signature pose
And our other one.....

Andrea and I at the Totally Tropical night...Mary Kay Seminar
Dall's 28th B-Day

Gia's first camping trip to Island Park

Checkin out Old Faithful

Showing off her Costa Rica dress

Giana 7 months

Willard 4th of July Fireworks

Gia's first fireworks.....she was amazed!

Twinners! :)

Costa Rica we miss you!

Saving the sea turtles one egg at a time!

Matt riding across in the cart....I'm pretty sure that cart isn't for a person

Martie and I getting our surf lessons


Best hotel ever!
Just got done rafting down a jungle river....AMAZING!!
Hotel in San Jose

The monkeys in the trees by our hotel

The boys are obsessed with surfing
What could be better than this?
Yes that's a Toucan on my head!

Gia 6 months

Erin's baby shower

Mason + Gia

First time with pigtails

Happy Easter 4.5 months old

My favorite and only nephew Jaren

Our little lamb

Muffin top never looked so good! :)

Gia 3 months old

Dashboard Confessional concert