Monday, September 8, 2008

Tag! You're it!

The Rules:
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• Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Tiffanie tagged me, so now you all get to know some more about me!

1. I have a bad habit of wanting to do EVERYTHING. I love so many things, it's just hard to choose! I love decorating, exercising, designing, playing the piano, scrapbooking, reading, organizing, working, shopping, hanging out with friends and family, and so much more. I've come to the realization that I can't fit everything in to one day or even one week. I have to just take one thing at a time, but it's hard for me cause it's all so fun!

2. I absolutely love getting to know people. I love hearing about other people's lives and being a part of theirs. I love catching up with people that I haven't seen forever and remembering fun things we did together. I like to stay in touch with people I have known forever, but I love meeting new people too. Luckily I get to do that daily and weekly in my career.

3. I love music, and I want to learn how to play the guitar. Dallan has taught me a little bit a while ago, but I want to get good at it. Dall is really good and we jam out together on the piano and him on the guitar. We both want to get better at playing each other's the guitar and him the piano.

4. Traveling is one of my passions. I want to go absolutely everywhere! Luckily, Dallan shares that with me. We usually try to vacation every 3-6 months. Number one on my list is Italy (Rome especially, but pretty much the entire country). I am earning a free trip for us to go there next September. Next on the list would be all of Europe as well as South America (Peru, Brazil, Argentina....)

5. I have the biggest sweet tooth! Oh gosh I could eat treats all day long. It's not a good thing! It's totally a family thing cause my whole family is like that too. My grandma used to keep swedish fish in her dresser drawers in her bedroom, if that tells ya anything. Cookies and cakes are my favorites. Yum.

6. I love getting up early in the morning, but I love staying up late! If it was possible to not sleep, I wouldn't! I have been sacrificing my late nights and getting up at 5 am and I love it so much. I get so much more done, and have more time for fun stuff. It's amazing how much you can get done by 8:00 am!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

End of August

Ok, so we did so many fun things in August, and unfortunately I didn't capture all of them with my camera. We went to some really fun family reunions, group dates with friends, our anniversary, and going to the cabin last weekend on Labor day. I'm sad that August is over, but it was an amazing month, and now I guess its fall! I love September though because of the weather, and of course because of my birthday! Here are the few pics (in random order) I have taken over the past few weeks.

Lola has been needing a friend, so we are trying out Chloe for a few weeks. So far, she is such a sweetheart, and perfectly behaved. Dall and I are already getting attached to her, so it might be a done deal.

The newest addition to our family! Miss Chloe.

Jaren LOVES Cars!
My sweet nephew Jaren on his 3rd birthday
Our bedroom still needs a lot...curtains, a rug, some more pics, but the bed is done, and that's the most important part!
Our bed (I've been working on getting our bedroom decorated.)
Flowers Dall gave my for our anniversary. My fav!
Caught Dall a bit off guard. Still very cute though.
Me and miss Lola Belle
A nose kiss from my Lola. Look at that crazy tongue!

Me, Martie and Bobbi before one of our group dates