Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Spring!

So.....I had a little email mixup and couldn't access my blog for a long time! I finally figured it out, so halelujah that I'm updating since October! :) Wow things have changed in a big way for us, but they are awesome changes! We sold our home in Willard and are living in St. George! It's temporary as far as we know, but we sure do love it here. (We're plan to move back North June 1) We might just be snow birds for a few years and come back here from Jan-May while it really stinks in Northern Utah.:) It's been amazing to take Gia to the park and play outside almost every single day since we moved here in January. It's crazy how much warm weather makes things awesome!:) We have had a lot of friends and family come visit on the weekends & we love it! I still have all my customers and unit members in Northern Utah so I come up a couple times a month. But we will be back there soon, for all the fun summer festivities.

Giana is so grown up now and will be 17 months this month! We can't believe how smart she is, and her adorable sense of humor. She is obsesse
d with her "Raff" which is her stuffed animal giraffe, and she loves to torment Lola "lolo" our dog. Life with her is hilarious!

Dall & I have both been really expanding our businesses and loving our work. Mary Kay still rocks our world, as well as Dall's insurance and investments. It's awesome to be able to have our businesses in Northern and Southern Utah! We feel really blessed with all that we are doing, and are SO looking forward to the rest of this year with some fun trips in the works.

Here are a few pics over the past couple months...

Gia and Dax...or as Gia would say "Dak!"

My Mom and sisters got together for some Girl time on my Momma's b-day

That Wagon has a ton of miles on it!